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2nd Feb 2013 – Fastest lap results!!

2.02.7   Dean o’Leary

2.13.0   Peter Cagney


Create an Xmas Site

In the next few weeks before Christmas our Dojo students will have the chance to build their own Xmas website!

Here is a starting website for you to begin your creation!




Important Update

Some important information for parents!!


  • From 27th November for the next 4 weeks kids will be invited to create their own Xmas web page which will be hosted on http://coderdojocitygate.com  using what they have learned from so far in the Dojo.  On 18th December Dojo the kids will get an opportunity to show their website to the class.
  • New Dojo Times From  January 8th the Dojo will be from 6pm to 7:30pm
  • There will be no Dojo on the 25th December and 1st Jan.

See our content on line

Today we have just added a page showing the webpages of those who attend our Coder Dojo.





Week 5 Lessons now available

Lessons for week5 (24th July 2012) are not available http://www.coderdojocitygate.com/lessons/

Contacting us is now easier

Please visit the Contact Us page and fill in the form to contact the organizers of the Citygate Coder Dojo.

Also if you wish to get regular updates please sign up for our newsletter in the form on the right hand side


Welcome to Coder Dojo City Gate sponsored by McAfee and Big Fish Games


Files and notes from previous weeks has been added in the Lessons page

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